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Art exhibitions


Maestri a Milano Premio Internazionale D’Arte| Teatro Manzoni | Milano


LIMITLESS | Florence Contemporary Gallery | On-line

REBIRTH | Florence Contemporary Gallery | On-line

HUMAN RIGHTS? #WORK | Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti | Rovereto

FAR BUT CLOSE | Florence Contemporary Gallery | On-line


TRIBUTO AMEDEO MODIGLIANI | Fondazione Amedeo Modigliani | On-line

SYSTEM ART | Galleria Cael | Milano;

MOOVART CO-EXPO FIRENZE | Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli | Firenze



MADRID GRAFICA | Ciudad Sostenibles | Madrid

HUMAN RIGHTS? #CLIMA | Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti | Rovereto

COLLETTIVA MOOVARTISTS | Castel dell’Ovo | Napoli


MADRID GRAFICA | Ciudad persona | La Nave – Madrid

HUMAN RIGHTS? #EDU | Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti – Rovereto

CHEAP Festival | Frammenti | Street Poster Art Festival – Bologna

PICTOPIA | Centro del Clima de La Vid – Leon

PICTOPIA | La Central de Diseño – Matadero – Madrid


MADRID GRAFICA | La Ciudad Ligera | La Central de Diseño – Matadero – Madrid


CHEAP Festival | Il Limite | Street Poster Art Festival – Bologna


CHEAP Festival | Il vuoto e il pieno | Street Poster Art Festival – Bologna


Born in Naples on 27 April 1978 ,I lived up to the age of eighteen in Limpidi, a small village in Calabria, in the province of Vibo Valentia. Transferred to Tuscany for education reasons, I earned a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Siena and a Master in Web and Multimedia from the University of Florence.

While traveling a path far from that of art, I have never abandoned the passion for drawing and painting that has accompanied me since I was a child. Passion inherited from my mother, who let me grow up among canvases and oil colors and breathe the love for art. The studies I followed allowed me to discover and become passionate about graphics and digital illustrations. I love travelling and, during the most recent trips to European capitals, I got the inspiration for my latest works. I was fascinated by the presence of large installations representing the name of the city.

So I started to create writings, single words that summarize the theme of the work,
which I make in cardboard and decorate by painting elements taken from cartoons,
comics or videogames. I use to express real concepts, social problems sometimes even very hard ones such as drug addiction, prostitution, migration. I can’t define what I do with a word, also because I find that definitions trap an artist in a stereotype; I consider myself a visionary, who loves surrealism, pop art and tries to convey their ideas and feelings by winking at these artistic currents.